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Creative Maturity: Ripening to Wisdom

Jan 08 2014

Maturity is a call: to your own truth, a new role and the collective wisdom of elders.   This will be an inner and outer exploration, drawing from the wisdom of Findhorn, whose community is a living experiment supporting elderhood. We aim to embody maturity, gather its wisdom, include its shadows, and renew our purpose, …Read the full article

MB50 Host IMD Storytelling Event

Dec 20 2013

MB50 hosted our first Storytelling event on International Men’s Day to share our personal stories of health, relationships, wellbeing, and life experiences, and help to dispel that myth that men don’t talk – YES, WE DO!  International Men’s Day was on November 19th, several of the men had Movember moustaches, and Kenny and Max were …Read the full article

MB50 Launch Men’s Sheds Corner!

Dec 20 2013

MB50 is proud to be supporting the UK Men’s Shed Association, which was launched nationally on November 6th.   ‘SHEDDERS’: SEND US YOUR STORIES! We are going to feature a Men’s Sheds Corner here to help spread the word about Men’s Sheds, and encourage all ‘Shedders’ to share the stories; tell your personal stories of …Read the full article

Volunteers to help in prisons needed!

Dec 17 2013

Could you volunteer to help people in the criminal justice system? If you are interested in helping in a variety of ways  read on..  There are many roles for volunteers and in a variety of environments – a great way of paying it forward whilst getting more involved and reconnecting with people.

Exploring elderhood at Findhorn Foundation

Apr 26 2013

Rich, expansive, poignant, nurturing and more… In February 2013, I brought a vision to fruition: co-leading a week-long programme at Findhorn Foundation on elderhood.  My co-facilitator Ineke and I, had high hopes for the week, which were more than fulfilled: a tribute to the quality of our participants, to the magic of this spiritual community, …Read the full article